Is Your Data Protected?

Many companies find out too late that their critical data is not available to them for weeks, months or not at all following a disaster. The simplest way to start your companies digital transformation is to start backing up and utilizing the ease and power of the cloud to protect your business. Analog IT Cloud Backup & Data Services can help safeguard your data with simple backup or reduce the cost of setting up and maintaining a disaster recovery plan and infrastructure. 

Updating your disaster recovery plan is no longer an important task to complete in the near future — get started now before it is too late.

Protect Against Ransomware


Fifty-four percent of all companies experienced an event in the last 5 years that led to a downtime of more than 8 hours, or one full work day. 


As of Q3 2017, ransomware attacks a company every 4o seconds, up from Q1 2017 when a company was attacked every 2 minutes.


The average reported cost for a disaster recovery scenario totaled a staggering $50,000. Larger companies have reported losses 100x that amount at $5,000,000.

Analog it

Gain Peace of Mind With Analog Cloud Backup

Protect your critical workloads and business applications with Analog IT's Cloud Backup built with simplicity.  We have the right plan for your business from simple, self serve backup to full managed disaster recovery and data governance.

Simple DIY backup starting at $8/month

Best Suited For

  • Companies with any sized IT infrastructure that are looking for a flexible self-serve backup option
  • Small companies or larger companies with internal IT teams.
  • Mobile / remote workforce
  • check
    Users who want a self-server option


  • Documents Only, Workstations and Server Options
  • Flexible restore options
  • Local SpeedVault option
  • check
    100% self serve
  • check
    Extensive FAQ and knowledge base available
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    Extended support options available

Verified Daily by an Expert Technician starting at $55/month

Best Suited For

  • Companies of any size looking for a managed backup solution for their entire business
  • VMWare or Hyper-V virtual machines
  • Where file and folder backup as well as full machine backup is required
  • check
    Where accurate reporting is required


  • Backup is verified everyday by an expert technician
  • ​If there are issues we will contact you, by phone, and resolve the issue
  • ​All backup workloads supported. Files & Folders, virtual machines, application aware backup and more.
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    ​All Self Service Backup options are available in addition to managed services. 

Fully Managed Disaster Recovery Services

Best Suited For

  • Companies with specific RTO and RPO requirements.
  • VMWare or Hyper-V virtual machines
  • Where file and folder backup is required as well as full machine backup.

**Managed Disaster Recovery Assessment Required


  • ​Robust disaster recovery needed for always on business workloads.
  • ​Build on proven and scalable technologies of Microsoft Azure and Commvault.
  • ​Dedicated Backup and Recovery Technical Specialist will daily verify the backup and replication of your data. 
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    ​Application aware backups.
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    ​Includes a comprehensive disaster plan that is updated yearly.

Protect ​your Office 365 Data starting at $3/user/month

Risks Protected

  • Accidental deletion of data
  • Malicious / intentional deletion
  • check
    Retention policy gaps with ex-employees
  • Unfulfilled legal & compliance requirements
  • check
    External security threats: malware & viruses including Ransomware


  • ​Seven years of email retention
  • ​Comprehensive search
  • Backup storage included with license
  • check
    ​No software to install

What Does Our Cloud Backup Do for You? 

Rock Solid and Reliable

Trust Your Backup - Analog IT Cloud Backup combines the reliable, redundant and proven Microsoft Azure Cloud Infrastructure with CommVault's backup engine to provide a service that is flexible and rock solid protecting you before disaster strikes.

Choice of Data Residence

Know Where Your Data Is - Choose which country your data resides in. If compliance dictates that your data stays in your country, we can do that!


Reduce Costs - Need to recover any part of your data? Login to our self serve portal anytime and action a restore. 

Geo Redundant Data

Reduce Your Risk - Six backup copies spread over two data-centers is standard on every one of our backup plans. 

Live Reporting

See The Value of Your Investment - Up-to-date, live & instant reporting keeps you in-the-know on your data at all times.

24x7 Proactive Monitoring

Stay One Step Ahead of Problems - Sleep well knowing your data is protected. In the event that there is a issue with any part of the backup process we are notified and will take action. With our managed plans your backups are checked by an expert technician daily. If there is a problem you will be notified by phone and we will fix the problem.   

Fully Managed backup

Reduces Costs & Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting

Trust us with your backups so you can focus on your customers!

Doing backup right often means dedicating significant resources and maintaining complex systems all while being dependent on internal IT teams to deliver a reliable backup solution. Outsource your backup and recovery needs to Analog IT's Managed Cloud Backup and have an expert technician verify your backups every day. If something goes wrong we will contact you by phone and resolve the issue. All before your back up is needed. 

Proactive Monitoring

We monitor your backups 24x7 and are notified of any problems before it affects your ability to restore your data. 

Environment Assessment

Take advantage of our backup assessment which outlines your backup needs based on your requirements and onsite (or cloud) infrastructure.

Seamless Onboarding

Using the details from our assessment we can have you up and running in as little as 24hrs depending on the complexity of your requirements. Self serve customers can get up and running within a couple of hours.

Virtual Machines

No matter which operating system or platform your virtual machines are on we can back them up. Then restore single files or complete VM back on site or to Azure. 

Physical Machines

Whether a server, laptop or workstation you can have the freedom to backup the whole machine or select files and folders. In the event of a disaster restore onsite or to Azure.  

Onsite NAS

NAS and attached disk to backup? No problem! ​Easily adds that data into the protected backup. 

Reduce Your Risk Today and Protect Your Data

If you are unsure if your data is protected contact us to set up a assessment meeting.


Manage Backup Fequently Asked Questions

We've never had an issue with our system before. Why do I need Managed Backup?  

Can we do this ourselves? 

How does managed backup reduce my risk. 

What size companies are best suited for Analog IT Managed Backup? 

How do we get started? 

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